The art of carpet flourishes in BHADOHI, a small rustic town in eastern UP, known as the carpet city. Carpet weaving here dates back to the 16th century. In present day it is one of the biggest carpet manufacturing centers in India. The intricacy and art of carpets made in Bhadohi is unmatched by any part of the world and this legacy has been maintained by CHAMPO CARPETS for the last 52 YEARS.


The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.

Every carpet here is woven with a distinct grace and an unmatched style that speaks volume about the carpet weaving tradition of India. CHAMPO CARPETS began its journey from basic infrastructure where carpets were woven by hands. With the passing years they have developed the best infrastructure having both handwoven and mechanized craftsmanship.

Process of carpet weaving

Carpet making needs a lot of dedication from the craftsmen at all stages. It is a beautiful story that unfolds at the hands of the artist.


The story of each carpets starts from its yarn. The best quality yarns from India...
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The dyeing of the yarn is the most difficult and important thing in carpet making...
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Every act of weaving involves choosing a particular yarn , deciding on colors , ...
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Weaving the rugs involves different type of techniques such as Tufted, Handloom, Hand knotted
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The finishing of the carpet is completed in two steps clipping & edge-cutting...
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Making good use of technology, scanners are used by Champo to keep...
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